What is Honeysuckle?

      For the past 13 years, a group of like-minded naturalists from the Piedmont of North Carolina have been developing living spaces, businesses and educational programs that--to a large degree--operate outside of the "global economy". Their driving motivations are idealistic and yet pragmatic; they seek the health benefits and increased standard of living that springs from an interdependent local economy. 

      In collaboration with Pickards Meadow Eco-Institute, The Abundance Foundation and EastWest Organics, Honeysuckle Tea House: 1) organically grows its own produce, 2) invents its own recipes for tea blends, tinctures, honey-wines, soups, salves, chocolates, soaps, balms, 3) designs and packages a hand-picked and hand-crafted line of therapeutic products, 4) repairs that which becomes 'broken', and 5) repurposes that which becomes 'waste'. Honeysuckle is a multi-faceted undertaking; an offering of quality goods created and served by a skilled and dedicated staff to a conscientious public.


      Now in our second year of business, with the aid of entrepreneurs, teachers, architects, carpenters, herbalists, mycologists, ethnobotanists, chefs and farmers, we are forming a nexus of holistic living. The Honeysuckle Tea House is quickly becoming a seat for healing through plant-based remedies in the pastoral Southeast; where expressions of generosity move in a closed circuit, feeding back in to the fabric of our local and regional economies. With our online store, we can allow for greater inclusivity and connectivity with our regional friends and patrons. We are delighted to help address your health queries!


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